Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rooms That Have Been Removed

Hi guys!
Today I wanted to talk about rooms that have been removed from the game. I find this an interesting topic because of the questions that can be created.
Let's just get right into this post. The first, and probably most known, is the old Medical Center.
Image result for animal jam old medical center sounds
Nobody really knows why this one was removed, besides the fact that the Sol Arcade ended up replacing it. This is the main question with these rooms: why were they removed? Anyways, the old Medical Center probably created a lot of weird events. I joined AJ a long time ago, but can't remember if I ever visited this place. I have vague memory of those times. Something interesting about this old Medical Center, though, is that there's a supposed soundtrack that goes with it. I can't seem to find it anymore, though, and I'm pretty sure it was removed due to copyright or something like that. I remember hearing it, however. It was a bunch of tools being used. It was oddly unsettling.
Another room that was removed was the Adventure Command Post.
Image result for animal jam adventure command post
This was a place released in 2016 made for 2d adventures. It was kind of useless because there was already an adventure base camp to put these adventures in. It seemed like AJHQ just wanted to make the Command Post to make the game more interesting with a new room, but they realized it was useless, so they removed it. An interesting fact about this place was that it was, at one point, only for members. I don't remember if they ever allowed non-members to enter it, though I'm pretty sure it was a members only area. The first time I went there, I recall someone saying "this is a great place to get away from non-members". I think I argued with them. It was also probably removed due to non member discrimination in the room.
Those are all of the rooms that I'll be talking about in this post. There are definitely a lot more, but I couldn't fit them all into one post. I hope you enjoyed, still! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Reacting To Old Posts (Again) (Possibly Videos, Too)

Hey guys!
I don't know how many people really read this blog anymore, but I've finally decided that I'm going to start posting more often. That doesn't mean every day, or every other day, or even every week. I'll just be posting more often than I used to this year. I probably won't be posting every day, but I'll do it whenever I feel like it. I've been wanting to get back into the AJ community for a while now. Besides, summer is here, so why not now?
I do have to say one thing, though. It seems like life just repeats itself every year, especially as a child/teen. Every year, there is school for 9 months. The summer comes for a few months. Then it's back to school. Holidays come and you don't expect big responsibilities over time. But now that I'm going to High School this fall, I'm starting to realize how little time I have left as a kid still. It's pretty scary. Time goes by fast. Things won't be the same after school ends.
Okay, that's my rant on that little thing. Now, I want to say a few other things before I get to the main part of this post. I want to start talking more with my friends on this game, or just in the Blogger Community. I haven't had a real conversation with any of you guys for so long. It's not anyone's fault, though, it's just been my personal decision to not play the game or post as much. If you're a friend of mine reading this, just know that I'll be willing to talk more again. I'll be more active on the game.
Ugh, okay, I have another topic to talk about. I promise, though, I'll get on with the main part of this post after this. I just wanted to say something about the success of this blog. It's obviously went down drastically in page view statistics, but that's not what I'm worried about. I used to always want a blog so bad and have it become successful. Overall, I've achieved that. I've made a lot of posts that help people and the blog has connected me with a lot of amazing people. That's really what I realized matters over time. So, what is in hold for the future of The Animal Jam Spring? I'm not sure yet, but more posts will be coming, and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon.
Now, as the title reads, I was planning on reacting to some old posts (and possibly videos). The post is linked here: http://theanimaljamspring.blogspot.com/2015/04/quitting-blogger.html 

The title of it is "Quitting Blogger?..."
And I was in 5th grade, lol. That's just... weird. The introduction sentence is pretty awkward, too. Hiya, my peoples! Where is the grammar? Why the world peoples? The worst part is that I announced myself to be quitting almost out of nowhere, and then acted like it wasn't important, didn't really explain it, and moved on with the AJ updates. These posts are so funny to look back at.

I didn't take much time looking at that post because I have something much better in store for you. I'm just gonna go ahead and react to some of the worst videos on my youtube channel. I never make videos, but I use youtube a lot.
Okay, please don't spread the word about these videos. You guys are lucky I'm even showing these on my blog, because these are an example of how cringey I was back in the elementary days. I'm actually sure that some of my friends have already seen this. In the video below, I was just talking about friends, and playing some mini games. My god, this is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.
LISTEN TO THE VOICE! Trust me, it's gotten so much deeper. I also tried to act so sophisticated when I made the video, and I think you can tell. This video is just.. I don't even know. Listen to how I tried to carry on a conversation the whole time; it's just the most awkward thing my ears have had to endure. (Not that I could do any better today lol)
But yeah, that's me from about 3-4 years ago. I find it funny, though. Here's the link to my channel if you actually want to watch more of my old, cringey videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5stSgUU3ZMX8gVo4tnGdzQ 
That wraps up what I have to post about. Expect more posts soon, though. If I don't end up posting soon, however, don't worry, I won't be dead!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Last Day of Middle School

Today is my very last day of Middle School! I went into middle school kinda scared. I was worried about classes, friends, and all that normal stuff. Now I'm going into high school, and I'm not as nervous, as I know what to expect (even though it's a big school).
Anyways, since it is the last day of school for me, I might start posting more. That's all I have to say.

Monday, May 28, 2018

New Cotton Candy Combinations

Hi people.
I hate intros because they can be so weird, so I'll just use that.
Anyways... when was the last time I made an AJ related post? Probably not since Balloosh came out. I'm making one now again. This time, it'll be about the new cotton candy combinations at the Summer Carnival. Recently, with the new update, the Summer Carnival returned. But with it came many new possibilities for the cotton candy machine. Let's get into them. The cone used will be listed first, then the colors, in chronological order.

Paw Cotton Candy: White cone, white, orange, yellow

Phantom King Cotton Candy: Gold cone, black, white, black

Star Cotton Candy: Gold cone, yellow, yellow, yellow

Moon Cotton Candy: Lightning Cone, white, blue, white

Heart Cotton Candy: Heart cone, pink, pink, pink

Rainbow Cotton Candy: Lightning cone, blue, yellow, pink

Sun Cotton Candy: Gold cone, yellow, orange, orange

Those are all of the new cotton candy combinations. I hope this post was helpful. Of course, there's still the regular phantom combination, which is any cone, then black, white, and black, but most people already know that. 
I haven't got any other things to post about currently, so I'll see you all next time.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

I don't now what to title this

Hey guys/gals/whatever. It's now May 2018. 
MAY. Already. This year is almost half way over!
But, time goes by fast. I won't start another rant on that lol. I haven't posted for like, 2 months.Every day I have been working hard in school and during work outs. It's been Track Season since March and that makes my days even harder. I have had to incorporate Track everyday (with the exception of about 1 rest day a week, but I still practice basketball those days) with a basketball and weightlifting session. I've literally been going to Track for two hours after school, then going to the Boys and Girls club gym to play pickup basketball for an hour, then he home and practice basketball on my own hoop, and then work out for 1 hour about 5-6 days a week. Now Track season is almost over and I'm just a little nostalgic. This has been my first school year playing for an actual basketball and track team, despite the fact that I practiced basketball a lot before this year. I've always been questioning my skills, though. It seems like no matter how hard I work, I just never get any better. I lack the in game skills that people have from playing basketball for a team for years. They know how to score points, and with my first school season, I wasn't like that. I've joined a Boys and Girls Club team now during track season and it will continue through the summer. About two weeks ago was the first game I had 20 points- but the other team was pretty small lol. I still doubt myself as to getting better. I've been looking up spacing drills (getting open on the court, as it helps you score more) and have been practicing those. I have an absolute passion for the game of basketball, but I am so far behind everyone else. Meanwhile, the best kids sit back, relax, and don't put any real time into practicing. I envy them for that. I just don't know what the future holds. Next year, I'll be a Freshman in High School. Will I make the team? Or will I just have to give up on it forever? I don't even care about going pro. I just want to make the varsity team one day.
On the other hand, I'm pretty average at Track. I don't want to make it my main sport, but it is fun, though. I like to hang out with my friends during it. I take each workout seriously, and you really push yourself during track. Also, weightlifting is probably up there with basketball on my favorite sports list, as I did start before a lot of others and it's really fun to see gains lol. I just can't join a team for that.
During school, now, the pressure is on. Middle school is super easy. I still have gotten my straight A's. This year, I have improved so much at math. I just didn't understand basic algebra last year because it was new to me. In Integrated 1, (I'm taking Freshman math currently in 8th grade, it's the advanced class) we skipped our unit on exponential functions because it was too easy for us. We're currently working on quadratics and starting a mini trigonometry unit. Our teacher says it isn't part of the curriculum for our class, but it'l help us in the future. The thing is, though, I'm pretty nervous or High School. Will it be just like the transition to Middle School? I heard that it is way harder and you get a ton more homework. I'l really have to start staying up late at night to accomplish all of my goals. I'm really just concerned about my grades and what high school sport will be like. 
I guess I should just enjoy my last month of middle school. There's few learning days left with all of the field trips 8th graders get. I'm at a point right now where I just don't know what will happen next. I will be continuing my workouts to get better at my three sports. Hard work will pay off, no doubt, but I just don't know when or how. I don't care about genetics or natural ability, because those are some of my least favorite words. I'l just have to ignore any negative thoughts and keep working hard. And once high school arrives, I'll really have to learn how to manage time so I can still get my full workouts in every day and continue getting straight A's. It would be cool to play basketball for college, but I just don't see it. That's why I work so hard in the classroom, even though I have no idea yet what I really want to make of myself. I know there are people in this world that have bigger worries, but this is part of life. Working hard through obstacles. Everybody goes through them, and these are just mine, and mine only. If you want something, you work for it. 
This brings me to my final question. What will I do with this blog? It's obvious that I have no passion at all for bogging anymore. I never even post. I do have time at night to post, but I don't. I really don't know if anyone will read these because this blog is dead. But if you are, tell me what you think I should do. Right now, I'm thinking about trying to post more, but mixing interesting Animal Jam posts with ones that are related to my life. 
So... that's all for now. I'm also updating the template today. Just remember, if you're a friend of mine on AJ, I still am wiling to talk whenever you want. I remember all of you and have amazing memories that include my AJ friends. I'm not quitting, and don't plan on it anytime soon. Also, I probably have some grammar mistakes in this post, so just know that. I don't really care but just wanted to get this out.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Updates and other stuff

Now it is March 2018. How does everything go by so fast?
Anyways... I've honestly been thinking about getting back into posting again... just not as consistent as I used to be. I'll just be posting whatever I want whenever I want. But I'll still make the posts related to the game this blog is based on.
So, as you can tell by the title, this will be an update post. Though I'll just be updating you on what's been going on with myself lately. First of all, I'm almost in high school. I'll be starting my Freshman year this August. I'm honestly excited to go to High School because I am getting bored of my middle school right now.
Another thing to say is that I am pursuing two different sports currently: Basketball and Track and Field. This also includes a lot of weightlifting and other stuff to get in shape. I've been practicing a lot lately and that's one of the reason why I haven't been posting as much. I do have to admit that I haven't been posting, though, because I just didn't want to. I have a lot of time to post these days. I barely get any homework anymore. I'm still focusing on school, though, and always trying to get straight A's.
Moving on, now. I hate talking about myself because I'm weird lol. But I might be updating the template today, just because it's a christmas template still.
I don't really want to use a stereotypical post outro today, so, that's it.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Balloosh? Or Balloon? Woah

So I was just reading some blogs and discovered that there's a new and called Balloosh. 
I never expected a new land. But, after all the times people have literally begged for one, it's finally came. I think it's great that the team at AJHQ is listening to players.
The land itself is something I did expect, however. I knew the new land (if there was going to be one) would be a habitat not in the game, and wetlands/marsh was the first one that came to mind. 
I guess that's all I have to share. Maybe I'll start somewhat associating with this game again.. I might even watch some Animal Jam youtubers just to know what's going on, because I was definitely behind with this. But I'm going to end this post now because, well, I don't know. Goodbye lol.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Oh. Hi!
It's been, like, a month. I've lost all interest in blogging at this point and honestly don't feel like doing it anymore. I've been on a 4.0 GPA and sports at this point. I don't know why I'm making this post, honestly...
But, as you know, I don't quit, so don't think I'm not coming back! I think I've just needed a break from the blogging community for a while. It is usually that way, as many times I get into it, and other times I don't feel like being in it anymore. I can guarantee I'll be posting again sometime soon, but I'm just not sure when.
Anyways... wait... I don't know how to do an end to a post. And anyways sounds boring. So, I guess, goodbye.